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Organizers: Mr. Brajesh Chandra Mishra From: 01-06-2014 To: 01-06-2015

Spend like there is a tomorrow
'Financial Freedom'- that's what made Brajesh Chandra Mishra, a lawyer in the high court 13 year ago, look for an alternative career option. Today, as one of India's leading LIC entrepreneurs, Mishra's priorities go beyond his own financial security- it's securing other's future that drives him.

The contentment derived from ensuring a safe finanial future for others is unmatched. says Mishra, who considers it his duty to help people organise thier savings.

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  • We are advertisers with Allahabad Yellow Pages for the past 2 months and I have received 10 times the return on my investment. Our business is of IT Services and Education. Considering the progress we have made we have now adver... Mr Abhinav Tripathi,
    (Aaroha IT Services, Allahabad)

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